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Signs in Respiratory Medicine

September 14, 2009

If you’re lucky enough to be a second year medical student, you’ll be after a copy of the informative, educational, and downright entertaining lecture you all heard this lunchtime, I suspect.  That Dr Fardon, he’s so funny, smart, well informed, and such a snappy dresser to go with it.

Oh yes.  The talk.

Clinical Signs in Respiratory Disease


Phase 2 Block – The Respiratory Examination

September 13, 2009

The first 2 days of the respiratory block has lectures on signs and symptoms of respiratory disease.  To get a head start on things, visit this resource that has basic check lists for the different system examinations.

St George’s Hospital Medical School have a series of videos of examinations on their YouTube channel.  Here’s the respiratory one.

Rest assured that DundeeChest is beavering away making a comprehensive respiratory examination video, and it’ll be posted soon.  Ish.