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Radiation Doses

December 16, 2009

To follow on from the radiation dosage questionnaire data I presented at grand round the other week, here’s something from today’s e-news suggesting how many extra cancers are caused each year due to excessive CT scanning.

As always, there’s a question on the actual equivalence of dose for a CXR, and a CT.  Our data here has a CXR as 0.02 mSv, about 3 days background radiation in the UK.  To give an idea of lethality, Dr Slotin (The original Mr Manhattan) received a dose of 21 Sv, and died 9 days later.  That’s a million CXRs in a single dose.

Still, I think we massively underestimate the impact of ionising radiation on our young (and old) patients.


X-Ray Meetings, Tuesday Mornings

September 22, 2009

Hi everyone.  Did any of you make it to the Chest Radiology meeting this morning?  2 very interesting cases discussed:

1.  The largest hiatus hernia I think I’ve ever see; displaced the pulmonary vasculature so far wide the CXR looked like pulmonary oedema.

2.  A chap with very subtle tree in bud appearance, suggestive of Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis.

If you’re a second year medical student, it’s definitely worth reading up on EAA – there’s almost always an exam question about it – I’ll teach you more about it in Friday’s Hypersensitivity Reactions lecture.