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Real life, real time Medicine!

December 9, 2009

Its true. Whilst we are in lectures or taking advantage of a late morning start, real life, real time medicine is happening all around us. I finally ventured to East Block yesterday morning to sit in on Dr Fardon’s clinic. What did I see…

1 lung cancer and empyema
1 probably lung cancer
1 ?PTX which turned out to be pneumonia
1 ? lung cancer which turned out to be pneumonia
2 cases of chronic cough
1 case of sarcoid

So a mixed bag, and all really interesting.  Breaking bad news and a look at tree in bud CT appearances. There are definitely some things that even Kumar and Clarke cant teach us.


Learning Opportunities, Week Beginning 7th December

December 6, 2009

The Respiratory Unit is as busy as ever, particularly in this cold snap.  So plenty of learning opportunities for you all.

Ward 3 – Dr Smith is on the ward, with few junior doctors, so any help you can provide on the ward will be rewarded with quality teaching, I’m sure.  The juniors will hug you for any help you can give them!

Out Patients

Monday AM – Drs Fardon and Winter have general respiratory clinics.

Monday PM – Drs Fardon and France have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday AM – Drs Stretton and Smith have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday PM – Dr Smith has a Sleep Clinic, and the respiratory nurses have their oxygen clinic

Wednesday AM – Dr Smith has an ILD clinic

Thursday AM – The CF Clinic, and Dr Fardon’s SPN clinic (You’re intrigued, aren’t you?)

Thursday PM – Lung Cancer MDT!

Other Learning Opportunities

Medical Grand Round – Thursday at 1300hrs (Free lunch at 12:30)

Respiratory Educational Meeting – Friday at 1300hrs (Free lunch, sometimes)

X-Ray Meeting – Tuesday 08:30 in te X-Ray seminar room – turn up sharp!

Bronchoscopy Lists

Monday PM – An EBUS with Dr Brown, and a full list of others

Wednesday AM – Dr Fardon’s list, with an EBUS, or two.

Friday AM – And EBUS, probably, and whatever’s left over.

So, we’ll see you bouncing around the department, learning things all over the place, then?