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Lung Cancer ‘ITA’

October 1, 2009

The lung cancer ‘ITA’ is a bit different, but I think it allows us to broach the topics of managing the patient with (lung) cancer, breaking bad news, and the impact we have on people’s lives, at such a pivotal moment.

I have now burnt a number of copies of the DVD, and they’re sat on my desk.  The University will stump for a blank DVD, I’m sure, so if you want a copy of the DVD to look at in your own time, come and find me, and I’ll get you one.

Remember to look at the previous entries to see the lung cancer websites, and, importantly, download the document on Giving Information to Patients with lung cancer.


Week 2 Formative now available

October 1, 2009

The week 2 formative assessment is now available in Blackboard via the Year 2 assessment links.

The online lung cancer patient cases to support this week’s ITA sessions have also been uploaded and some additional reference material will also be up there soon.  You can access these via the ITA resource folders.

Lung Cancer Week

September 28, 2009

Phase 2 moves on to lung cancer today – most of this week will be focused on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of lung cancer.  The ITA sessions this week are a little different – we will meet up in LT2 to go through what it’s like to deal with patients who have cancer.  We have video consultations on how to broach the subject of lung cancer, how to break bad news, and how to deal with the emotions involved on both sides of the discussion.  We will also be posting a number of virtual patients to go through, along with a mini-wiki on lung cancer, which we hope to expand with the help of our oncology colleagues through the next few months (In time for exam revision).

There is a wealth of information out there on lung cancer already – as ever, google is your friend.  Here’s a fantastic site from Harvard that takes you through some virtual patients, explains the imaging modalities, pathology, treatment options.  It’s well worth a look.

Other things worth reading:

The Big Lung Trial

BTS: Giving Information to Patients – See Page 7 for Survival Data

The virtual patients will go up on Blackboard soon, and the ITA session DVD will be available up in the ITA suite from Thursday onwards until the end of the block.  If you want a copy of the ITA session DVD, just present me with a blank DVD, and I’ll burn one for you.

Extra Tuition

September 23, 2009

Thanks to the 5 of you who turned up for the extra ITA session today at 2 PM.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss the course, and specific points of interest with you, and I was pleased to be able to answer your questions that had come up during the lectures this week.  It was particularly encouraging to hear that you like the assessment, as it informs you regarding progress, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

To recap what we went over

  • Types 1 and 2 respiratory failure
  • Hypoxic drive
  • Dead space and ventilation
  • Why I don’t like pink puffers and blue bloaters
  • Respiratory cachexia
  • The oxygen dissociation curve, and what shifts it right and left
  • The utility of oxygen saturation probes, and when they’re not the right tool for the job
  • Why unopposed salbutamol is a bad idea in asthma
  • Starling’s Law of the Capillaries
  • Why a normal pCO2 is a bad sign in acute asthma exacerbation

I think there was more, but it’s all becoming a bit of a blur.  I did promise a summary of the Bohr Shift, and I will put one up, once I get my own head around it!  And I still think you don’t really need to know about the differential effects of M1, M2,and M3 receptors at the pre-synaptic junction: certainly not core knowledge.

Do have a look at the V/Q Mismatching videos from last month though – I think they explain well why oxygen is bad for people with chronic type 2 respiratory failure.

And finally – thanks again for coming along to the session.  If you want more, you only have to ask!


Extra ITA Session 23rd September

September 21, 2009

If you were unlucky enough to be in the ITA session on Monday morning, when I tried to whizz up the session, but ended up screwing up all the timings, you may have missed out on the poster board discussion.

I will be in the ITA from 2 PM, for at least an hour, to go over the boards again, discuss whatever takes your fancy, and probably have a wee bottle of juice from those lovely ladies at the DUSA shop.  I quite like those banana chips things too – allegedly healthy, but they’re completely coated in honey, aren’t they?

So.  I’ll be in the ITA for an hour, maybe 2, depending on when the 4th years want taught…..