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Patient Journey DVDs

October 12, 2009

I have a spindle of patient journey DVDs on my desk.   If any of you want one, drop by my office in East Block (Under Ward 42) and ask my secretary for a DVD, and she will surely oblige.


Lung Cancer ‘ITA’

October 1, 2009

The lung cancer ‘ITA’ is a bit different, but I think it allows us to broach the topics of managing the patient with (lung) cancer, breaking bad news, and the impact we have on people’s lives, at such a pivotal moment.

I have now burnt a number of copies of the DVD, and they’re sat on my desk.  The University will stump for a blank DVD, I’m sure, so if you want a copy of the DVD to look at in your own time, come and find me, and I’ll get you one.

Remember to look at the previous entries to see the lung cancer websites, and, importantly, download the document on Giving Information to Patients with lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Week

September 28, 2009

Phase 2 moves on to lung cancer today – most of this week will be focused on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of lung cancer.  The ITA sessions this week are a little different – we will meet up in LT2 to go through what it’s like to deal with patients who have cancer.  We have video consultations on how to broach the subject of lung cancer, how to break bad news, and how to deal with the emotions involved on both sides of the discussion.  We will also be posting a number of virtual patients to go through, along with a mini-wiki on lung cancer, which we hope to expand with the help of our oncology colleagues through the next few months (In time for exam revision).

There is a wealth of information out there on lung cancer already – as ever, google is your friend.  Here’s a fantastic site from Harvard that takes you through some virtual patients, explains the imaging modalities, pathology, treatment options.  It’s well worth a look.

Other things worth reading:

The Big Lung Trial

BTS: Giving Information to Patients – See Page 7 for Survival Data

The virtual patients will go up on Blackboard soon, and the ITA session DVD will be available up in the ITA suite from Thursday onwards until the end of the block.  If you want a copy of the ITA session DVD, just present me with a blank DVD, and I’ll burn one for you.