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Real life, real time Medicine!

December 9, 2009

Its true. Whilst we are in lectures or taking advantage of a late morning start, real life, real time medicine is happening all around us. I finally ventured to East Block yesterday morning to sit in on Dr Fardon’s clinic. What did I see…

1 lung cancer and empyema
1 probably lung cancer
1 ?PTX which turned out to be pneumonia
1 ? lung cancer which turned out to be pneumonia
2 cases of chronic cough
1 case of sarcoid

So a mixed bag, and all really interesting.  Breaking bad news and a look at tree in bud CT appearances. There are definitely some things that even Kumar and Clarke cant teach us.


Afternoon Learning

October 26, 2009

The afternoon clinic today was particularly manic, mainly because I had an EBUS to do before the clinic started.  The clinic was interesting, though:

A pigeon fancier’s lung

A definite lung cancer

A probably lung cancer

Two bronchiectatics

An asthmatic

And not a single COPD patient in sight!!  Lovely.  No students again.  My next clinic is tomorrow morning – no students planned to come, as yet….

Learning Opprtunities

October 26, 2009

Hello Phase 2 and 3.  I’ve just done the most interesting clinic:

2 cases of bronchiectasis

1 case of sarcoid

A pectus excavatum

An extrinsic allergic allveolitis to cat urine

A woman with liver capsular pain

A woman with a lung abscess

So a mixed bag, but all of it interesting.  And no students sitting in!!!  I have another clinic this afternoon – no students scheduled, 7 patients with a host of interesting pathologies……

See you later….?