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Why buy books, when Google does it for you?

December 9, 2009

You can now read the Oxford Mini Handbook of Medicine (The Cheese and Onion) on google books!  So no excuses for not knowing any answers, eh?


Of course, you must buy my book when it comes out in the new year…..


Learn Anatomy, Instantly.

September 17, 2009

Back in days of yore, when DundeeChest was a medical student, we learnt our anatomy by slaving over a cold cadaver, dripping sweat into the thoracic cavity, all the while suppressing hunger pangs for tuna sandwiches…  Professor Abrahams, now in those clever videos from Warwick University, was my anatomy professor, and he was a daunting prospect at the three times weekly steeplechases (These would be called OSCEs when Dundee invented them, some time later), but the most inspirational teacher there was Bob Whittaker, a some-time reconstructive paediatric urologist.  What he didn’t know about anatomy wasn’t worth knowing.  We had suggested he write a book.  So he did.

Instant Anatomy is a fantastic book – simple diagrams, simple terms for simpletons like DundeeChest, and it’s cheap.  It’s so cheap you can now just access it online. He has podcasts, online A/V stuff, and all his book there to view.  I urge you to look at it, and then buy the CD of it.  He also has instant physiology, and instant pathology to have a look at too.

And if you want to see a first edition signed copy – it’s in my office.  Somewhere. Under the piles of royalty cheques, and offers to glamorous parties.  Somewhere.