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Stanford Blogging

October 27, 2009

Fellow bloggers.  Clinical Cases Blog is a great resource regarding medical education resources on line.  This morning they posted this, a blog for the Stanford Medical School.  It’s well resourced, there’s plenty of folk posting on it, it’s regularly updated, and I think it’s just the kind of thing we should be aiming for here in Dundee.  We could do with a cool name, like “Scope”, like they have, but I’m convinced it’s the way to go.

First DundeeChest, tomorrow…. the WORLD!


Another Blog Award

September 24, 2009
We've won another award!

We've won another award!

The daily reviewer has given us another Top 100 Blogs award.  This time for radiology blogging – I put up a couple of CXRs, and then we get an award.  Nice.

Maybe another award next week if I post about acorns?