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2009 Asthma Guideline Update

July 24, 2009

The British Thoracic Society recently updated their May 2008 Asthma Guideline. The changes centre around:

* Introduction of SMART therapy as an option in selected Step 2 patients
* Reinforcement of the importance of standard therapy in pregnancy
* A review of inhaler devices showing no change to previous recommendations
* Changes to the treatment of acute asthma

To download the revised guideline, visit the BTS website, or click here

The Tayside asthma guidance will be altered accordingly in due course.


Phase 2 Teaching Programme 2009

July 22, 2009

The Phase 2 Respiratory teaching programme starts on 14th September.  The programme is greatly changed from last year, with more materials on-line, rather than didactic teaching.  There will be moderated web-based teaching sessions, and web based assessment each week.  There *should* be a podcast each week, and we may be inviting a couple of the second years to come up and record with us – if they’re brave enough.  After all, we’re stupid enough.

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