DundeeChest Weekly Programme

It struck me that the students might want to know what’s going on in East Block, so they can come along and watch “The Magic”. It’s a heady mix of saving lives and making a difference.

Actually, it’s mainly ward rounds and clinics, but there’s some teaching sessions thrown in there somewhere.

Morning Lunchtime Afternoon
Monday Dr Winter Clinic

Dr Fardon Clinic

Dr Brown Clinic

Dr Fardon Clinic

Dr France Clinic

Bronchoscopy List

Tuesday 08:30 X-ray Meeting*

Dr Fardon Clinic

Dr Winter Clinic

Dr Smith Clinic

Arbroath Clinic

Montrose Clinic

Sleep Clinic

Oxygen Clinic

Wednesday Dr Smith Clinic

Prof Lipworth Clinic

Bronchoscopy List

Dr Fardon’s Teaching Session
Thursday Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Clinic

13:00 Medical Grand Round** MDT*
Friday Cough Clinic

Bronchoscopy List

Respiratory Educational Meeting POETS

All sessions in East Block unless marked othewise.

* – Radiology Seminar Room, Level 5

** – Lecture Theatre 1

Come along and see the Impossible, or perhaps Nothing.


4 Comments on “DundeeChest Weekly Programme”

  1. Joel Schneider Says:

    What times to morning/afternoon clinics/meetings start/finish?

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