We started this epic task back in 2007.  Hardly seems like yesterday since James “volunteered” to examine the first patient…  Heady days indeed.  Now they’re all post BMSc, they’re scienced up, and they’ve forgotten all the basic science, and the clinical stuff too.

Anyway – it’s all yours guys, comment away.  If you’re particularly good, I’ll give you access to the authoring bits and pieces…

Update – So, you’ve already outgrown this single page on DundeeChest, so I’ve made you your own blog!  Visit where we’ll continue the odyssey.


44 Comments on “Apples”

  1. aredapple Says:

    “You’re out of you’re neighbourhood big city boy! I want your weapon, I want your a** – who in the hell do you think you are?!”

  2. ashinyapple Says:

    “He thinks he’s Rambo” – pan to shot of a serious stallone

  3. aredapple Says:

    took the words right out of our mouths

  4. ashinyapple Says:

    demolition man – thats a serious stallone classic

  5. RedApple Says:

    At some point you could give us a list of topics which we can then present to you the following week? After next week, Rosh will be away until December so I can find out when there will be a few of us around…I don’t particularly want to be the only one presenting!

  6. dundeechest Says:

    I trust you are rustling up a nice header for the blog? I am searching for a suitably apple-y theme.

  7. appleopolis Says:

    Tom – ich habe ein suggestion-sen. Could the comments posted e.g. on ask dundee page appear in time order? It seems to me they are not chronologically listed? Can you tell Faye and I are working and not getting distracted at all…?

  8. appleopolis Says:

    oops, that was posted on behalf of ‘ashinyapple’ 😀

  9. appleopolis Says:

    hmm it seems someone has been molestering my account…
    wipe that shine off your apple!!

    I, along with shiny and red, attended the LT1 lecture today – it was a perfect showcase of dull and exciting topics.. in no particular order – hand washing, and changes to the coronary care unit.
    muchas thanks for the recommendation to give it a go.

    • RedApple Says:

      I myself found it all quite interesting, esp seeing just how poorly prescribed antibiotics are! particularly looking forward to the haematology chat in december…

      • dundeechest Says:

        Antibiotic prescribing is appalling, throughout NHST. Not that I’m a paragon of virtue, you understand. But I do try.

        Do any of you want to have access to administering the blog? You could post how marvellous the LT1 session is on the front page, that sort of thing. Let me know if you’re game.

      • ashinyapple Says:

        Well I thought it was pretty good too actually, Coronary care (thumbs up) handwashing (bit boring, but must say when I saw the 55% handwashing in an anonymous ward that woke me up a bit! bad ward, bad bad ward… wonder which it was?)

        Anywho…access to administrating blog – ‘defo’, ‘bring it on’. I think we could contribute constructively, no? We’re responsible adult learners don’t you know…

      • RedApple Says:

        Yup, that would be good. It might make some people more likely to come if other students recommend it…then again, maybe not. I’m sure your talk will be enthralling.

        Hope your day off was spent resting. (Although I doubt it).

      • ashinyapple Says:

        I should really stop typing like a chav

    • dundeechest Says:

      Fantastic. These go on throughout the term, and, as you have found out, are a variable feast. I’m pretty sure I’m doing one in November…. Still deciding what to do, probably radiation. Or an interesting case. I have a lovely talk entitled “Breathless on my left hand side”.

      Anyway – I’m glad you went. Encourage others to go too.

  10. appleopolis Says:

    Hi hoes… i lost my log-in and forgot my password for a while.

    anyhow ive got some peads cardiology clinic thing this PM – which apparently is just a video so may be able to make it over for some learning… but dont wait for me just incase i get trapped in the ronald mc donald building.

  11. appleopolis Says:


    Just thought i would be pro-active following this afternoons funtimes…

    PASS FAIL – *shudder*
    two words to bring fear into any students eyes…

    FEAR NOT – dont fall at the first hurdle…

    Below are FOUR core topics that as an FY you MUST know as they are key to life saving as a junior DR….
    (and sould you be asked at an osce you must be able to demonstrate full understanding…)

    1) Anaphylaxis :
    – Adrenaline – IM – 0.5ml to 1ml of 1/1000 concentration of the super juice…

    2) Athsma – what are the MAIN criteria for a) serious exacerbations b) life threatening exacerbations.
    I have two case discussions to write up in less than 12 hours so ill(or someone else) will fill this bit in…

    3) Treatment of MI (not what you might expect)
    MNA (include the O *mona* only if in the presence of a cardiologist and with extreme caution – new evidence suggests high flow Oxygen can decrease cardiac perfusion.)
    A –ASPIRIN (aspirin is the most important of these giving a huge increase in survival rates for a very low side effects compared to thrombolysis)

    4) Pneumothorax.
    Scenario – asthmatic in the corner bay coughs like mad – stops, collapses and passes out. – they stop breathing!! – you purcuss the chest to hear – tap tap tap – dunk dunk dunk – (ie hyper resonance on one side) – STICK A NEEDLE IN IT – 2nd intercostal space – mid clav line..

    ps – LOL today at having Jamie the imperial student and me both destroying any reminance of a clutch that we may have shared….poor dundee chest…

    • RedApple Says:

      Sorry I missed it! Should be there next week though.

      PS. We have our own page nutt, did you not get the email I sent you eons ago?

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