Parent Ward Tutor Groups

As part of the fully integrated teaching program at Dundee Medical School, each student is allocated a parent ward in third year.  I am one of the parent ward tutors, and I try to give my group as varied an exposure to medicine (and surgery and all the rest of it) as I can.  This mainly involves 2 hour tutorials in nooks and crannies around the hospital, trying to find interesting people to examine; but also involves case based discussions, mini-CEX assessments, DOPS, and some pastoral care thrown in for good measure.  There is also some friendly humiliation, I mean banter.

I currently have two groups “on the go” but there is crossover between them, and I encourage them to come to each other’s session if they want.

This week they asked for their own pages on DundeeChest, so they can communicate and all that.  So here they are, nested into this page, the two groups: Apples; and Pears.


3 Comments on “Parent Ward Tutor Groups”

  1. dundeechest Says:

    Thanks Shereen,

    I will look into scheduling some ward based teaching for next week. I should be able to arrange a teaching session of some sort – perhaps how to examine a stooge in the first instance.

    Leave it with me for a wee while, I’ll sort it for you.

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