Although widely administered throughout primary care, emergency care, and secondary care, there has only recently been a consensus of opinion regarding the most appropriate method of prescribing and titrating oxygen therapy.  The British Thoracic Society have now released a guideline to direct emergency oxygen therapy in adults.  (Please note the guideline does not apply to children)

You can view the guideline in its entirety here.

In NHS Tayside we have begun to implement the guideline, starting with acute medicine and respiratory medicine.  The plan is to roll out the guideline recommended changes over the next year.

The NHS Tayside  oxygen prescribing guide can be downloaded in A3 and A4 formats for printing:

A3 Oxygen Guideline

A4 Oxygen Guideline

The oxygen prescription sticker is available for download:

The New and Improved Oxygen Sticker

The New and Improved Oxygen Sticker

This sticker can be placed on the TPAR, to cover a single entry.  The target oxygen prescription should be circled, or different target written in.  Circle continuous, or PRN; sign and date the sticker, and then the nurses can sign when the oxygen is administered, checked and titrated.

Every patient should have an oxygen prescription sticker in their TPAR, regardless of whether they currently don’t require oxygen.  If they then require oxygen at any future point, it will be already prescribed.  It is useful to think of prescribing an oxygen saturation, rather than an oxygen concentration.

TPARs will soon have the oxygen prescribing details pre-printed on the top left slot – these will be available in late September, early October.

To promote the new oxygen guidelines in NHS Tayside, we have organised Oxygen Education Training Days.  These days are open to anyone who is interested in learning about oxygen therapy.  The date of the next session is:

28th August – Ninewells.  If you want to attend, please contact DundeeChest by e-mail here

The FY1 block release teaching sessions on Oxygen Therapy are on 5th and 11th November.


12 Comments on “Oxygen”

  1. appleopolis Says:

    It has come to my attention during my Ninewells travels that following the departure of Proff James (Aka mr Oxygen),there appears to be a piece of obsolete furniture needing a home..
    You see I have spotted beneath the ward 31 stairwell a hyperbaric chamber collecting MRSA dust..
    Could I offer it a home?… should we place bids?… how about £5 to get the ball rolling….

  2. dundeechest Says:

    That’s the wrong kind of oxygen for *this* Oxygen champion. Where did Prof James go?

  3. appleopolis Says:

    so me rolling it out onto the carpark at 2am wouldnt be too suspicious?
    Prof left a year ago – he was of a retirement age and had some set-backs with funding. Was in contact about 6 months ago and believe he was doing his own thing at home with some private clients like the owners of the telegraph newspaper.
    someone told me to tell you have you seen evo.com mp4 12c video’s – apparently its 30 minutes well spent…

  4. dundeechest Says:

    evo.com? Eco friendly website? Or do you mean somewhere else? URL???

  5. appleopolis Says:

    yup sorry thats the link – the fool who told me to tell you clearly doesnt have a clutch and talks before thinking

    • dundeechest Says:

      Can the pair of you please log on as yourselves? – you’re confusing everyone by posting from each other’s accounts!

      • ashinyapple Says:

        Whats this?! I am on my own account. James is on his own, he’s confusing you because for some reason he’s decided to talk in the third person!

  6. ashinyapple Says:

    mmm drool, i like it’s smiley face.

  7. appleopolis Says:

    LOL – Appleopolis 1 – dundeechest – 0


    • dundeechest Says:

      Yeah yeah, pesky kids moving accounts, sharing computers, logging in and out, using the third person. I’d have the run of this mill if it wasn’t for you lot!

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