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Learning Opportunities, Week Beginning 7th December

December 6, 2009

The Respiratory Unit is as busy as ever, particularly in this cold snap.  So plenty of learning opportunities for you all.

Ward 3 – Dr Smith is on the ward, with few junior doctors, so any help you can provide on the ward will be rewarded with quality teaching, I’m sure.  The juniors will hug you for any help you can give them!

Out Patients

Monday AM – Drs Fardon and Winter have general respiratory clinics.

Monday PM – Drs Fardon and France have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday AM – Drs Stretton and Smith have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday PM – Dr Smith has a Sleep Clinic, and the respiratory nurses have their oxygen clinic

Wednesday AM – Dr Smith has an ILD clinic

Thursday AM – The CF Clinic, and Dr Fardon’s SPN clinic (You’re intrigued, aren’t you?)

Thursday PM – Lung Cancer MDT!

Other Learning Opportunities

Medical Grand Round – Thursday at 1300hrs (Free lunch at 12:30)

Respiratory Educational Meeting – Friday at 1300hrs (Free lunch, sometimes)

X-Ray Meeting – Tuesday 08:30 in te X-Ray seminar room – turn up sharp!

Bronchoscopy Lists

Monday PM – An EBUS with Dr Brown, and a full list of others

Wednesday AM – Dr Fardon’s list, with an EBUS, or two.

Friday AM – And EBUS, probably, and whatever’s left over.

So, we’ll see you bouncing around the department, learning things all over the place, then?


Learning Opprtunities

October 26, 2009

Hello Phase 2 and 3.  I’ve just done the most interesting clinic:

2 cases of bronchiectasis

1 case of sarcoid

A pectus excavatum

An extrinsic allergic allveolitis to cat urine

A woman with liver capsular pain

A woman with a lung abscess

So a mixed bag, but all of it interesting.  And no students sitting in!!!  I have another clinic this afternoon – no students scheduled, 7 patients with a host of interesting pathologies……

See you later….?

Small (ish) Group Teaching

October 21, 2009

Day 2 of the respiratory catch up sessions today in lecture theatre 2.  A bigger turn out for this one, and I couldn’t persuade anyone to sit in the front row – probably something to do with my cheese sarnie.

I think the sessions have been useful so far.  It’s interesting to see the different questions asked, but more so the same questions asked each time.  Common threads have been  – COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis; arterial blood gas analysis; the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 respiratory failure.  These are the more difficult topics – they are certainly better taught in small groups.  This group was just small enough, I think.

Respiratory Comparison Table

October 21, 2009

Respiratory Table

Here is the table please feel free to change it. I am not very good with computers so please do as you will. May be add in a section for fibrosis. does anyone know how to add in links for CXRs and links to videos of chest sounds ect. I have hinted were they might be in the table


Sleep Apnoea Videos

October 19, 2009

Here’s a quick video to explain what’s happening when patients with obstructive sleep apnoea haev an apnoeic event.  Sorry about the twinkly music…

Here’s another video with an explanation of what’s happening:

And this chap has pretty prolonged apnoeas, I think they’re central, rather than obstructive, but you can see how his minute volume is significantly decreased.

If you follow the links on the actual YouTube page, you’ll see a multitude of similar videos, mainly of people recording their loved ones to convince them that they snore!

Extra Teaching Sessions

October 18, 2009

You have all chosen your preferred session, and apart from Josh, have managed to follow the instructions and chosen only 1.

So, I shall call a close to the doodling, and tell you when the sessions will be:

Tuesday 2 – 3pm, LT1

Wednesday 1 – 2pm LT2

Friday 2 – 3pm East Block Seminar Room

Bring your questions, and I will endeavour to answer them.  If you have any particular questions in mind, let me know before hand, and I will bring along some prepared stuff.


Sign Up For Teaching Week Beginning 19th October

October 15, 2009

I have made a Doodle sign up sheet for the teaching next week:

Please only sign up into one of the slots, so I get an idea of numbers.

Come armed with questions!