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Thank you, goodbye, and move along….

February 1, 2010

DundeeChest is dead.  Long live DundeeChest.  As the saying goes, sort of.

Since September 2009 we’ve had 140 posts, 286 comments, and just shy of 13,000 visitors to DundeeChest.  I’m chuffed.  We have further ambitions here at DundeeChest, and we want to see how far we can get.  One difficulty is hosting at  Starting here was great – free, and everything available to get cracking – but it’s limiting.  To introduce more functionality means hosting the site somewhere else.

I tried on mobileME.  As much as I love the Apple, iWeb is good at doing what it does, but not at what I want to do.  Too limiting, so DundeeChest 2.0 was born, and died soon after.  But moving to separate hosting, continuing to use the WordPress tools has lead to DundeeChest 3.0.  I can now nest blogs, run cases of the week, embed podcasts, and keep better control of what’s going on on the site.

So DundeeChest is dead – I won’t be posting here any more.  Redirect your bookmarks to, and your RSS feeder to feed:// and continue the journey with us.


RSS Reader

October 14, 2009

I know I keep banging on about RSS feeders, but they really are the way forward. For example, if any of you had seen the RSS update of the blog this morning, you could have come to my Bronch list at 10 o’clock for some teaching.

To get into the RSS thing is easy. There are many simple ways to view the streams. I use Safari to keep tabs on my feeds on the computer (Safari is an excellent web browser compatible with PC and Mac), but I use this nice free RSS reader on my iPod Touch/iPhone to keep up to date on the move.  Don’t forget that the iPod touch can connect to the university network with your normal log-in details, so whenever you’re walking around the Blue Carpet, you can be on line, and in touch.

There are RSS readers for every other mobile format, even Android!

Site Updates!

October 11, 2009

New for today:

  • New AskDundeeChest site replaces the old one from today!  It’s a nested blog, but a standalone blog too.  I can tell you’re intrigued.  Visit the new site here.
  • New page on this site – Student Generated Content.  Josh has started the ball rolling by sending me a useful table he generated this week, and he kindly has made it available to anyone who wants it.
  • New contributors to the site!  I’ve asked a few of you if you would like to become contributors to this site, and the askdundeechest site, so we can take things forward, and get more student involvement.  If you’ve been invited, please say yes, and get involved.  If you’ve not been invited, but you want to be, let me know, and I’ll invite you.

The site nearly hit 8000 visits in the 4 weeks of the block, so my pints of beer are safe, but I’m so encouraged by how popular it’s been.  Thanks everyone.

Week 2 FTW

September 24, 2009

All the ‘lively’ feedback from week 1 certainly seems to have made an impact on the usage of the site, if nothing else:

Site Stats 2009-09-24 at 23.01.28

Site Stats 2009-09-24 at 23.01.28

That’s over 500 individual visits today, and touching 4000 visits ever.  If we hit 10,000 hits by the end of this block I may have to buy you all a drink!

Another Blog Award

September 24, 2009
We've won another award!

We've won another award!

The daily reviewer has given us another Top 100 Blogs award.  This time for radiology blogging – I put up a couple of CXRs, and then we get an award.  Nice.

Maybe another award next week if I post about acorns?

All Change

September 23, 2009

I’ve changed the theme for the blog, as you can see. I had a couple of helpful “real world” comments suggesting that there was perhaps a little too much on the front page. Also, the other theme couldn’t nest pages, and this one can.

I think this one looks pretty sharp, actually.  Not sure about the orange Tag Cloud, but perhaps it’ll grow on me.

I do need a talented person to come up with a custom header.  Ideally 740 x 180 pixels, but I can crop it if needs be.  Any of you out there talented with photoshop etc?  Video I can do; art, not so much.

Site Stats 15/09/09

September 15, 2009
Look how popular we are now!

Look how popular we are now!