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Life In The Fast Lane

January 16, 2010

I spend quite a lot of time looking around the internet to find interesting resources, medical and non-medical.  There’s a lot of it about, with everyone and his dog having a crack at web 2.0, with varying degrees of success.  So it’s always a pleasure to find a good site, with regular updates, and good medicine.  Life In The Fast Lane is such a site, and well worth visiting.  Their radiology quizzes are particularly good, with clinically relevant cases, and good pictures.

I’ll add the link to the list of sites worth visiting – it’s get’s a 5* recommendation from me.


The Book – Available Now!

January 7, 2010

DundeeChest have been working for about 18 months on writing a book!  We see a hole in the market for a CXR book for junior doctors –  a book to explain what the hell to do with a “funny looking” CXR on the ward at 2 in the morning.  So we’ve written it, and it’s now available, on Amazon.

The book is in full colour!  Which seems a bit daft, I know, but the picture quality is so much better in colour!

Go on, have a look, buy the book, fund my kitchen conversion.

The future of education, or do you fancy a free iPhone…

December 10, 2009

Give away 1000 free iPhones, ask the students to use them for learning, and then be shocked when the feedback is awesome!

Seriously, I think the iPhone/iPod Touch platform is the way forward for medical education and support – it’s such a versatile little thing, powerful, and now almost ubiquitous.  You can even get free tickets to the cinema with an Orange iPhone now.

Just in Time Learning

November 28, 2009

I spent Thursday at an ESTICT training course on Electronic Voting Systems.  The utility of the voting handsets is a hit and miss affair at Ninewells, I think we have introduced more effective learning with them this year in the Chest block, but I wonder if the rest of the course is using them effectively.  It’s something for me to think about a great deal throughout the year in preparation for next year’s Phase 2 block.

In the meantime, here’s a great quote to think about if you’re about to do some teaching:

“As you enter a classroom ask yourself this question: If there were no students in the room, could I do what I am planning to do? If your answer to the question is yes, don’t do it.”

Converting the medical curriculum from a “Content-centric” to “Student-centric” teaching and learning, that’s my challenge.  I will be trying it out with Apples and Pears, I think….

E-Medicine takes over….

November 26, 2009

If you want a respiratory opinion in Ninewells, you e-mail the respiratory team.  This method has saved us literally hours of time we would have otherwise spent answering bleeps, wandering the wards, and seeing inappropriate referrals. Seems we’re not the only ones pushing for e-mail consultations.  If you want a question answered about respiratory medicine, you can always e-mail DundeeChest

Can your iPhone really diagnose your cough?  I’m sure DundeeChest can’t tell you what you’ve got, just from your cough….  Made redundant by a phone?

Having a heart attack?  Stick a lolly up your nose, it saves lives, apparently…

Handy Things, Hands

November 2, 2009

I do like this sort of thing – click the hands, and make a tune; use your hands, and save a life.


Bright Young Things Update

October 28, 2009

For the bright young things out there –

I know you have all the ideas, and you have high hopes for great things, but we all need a little reining in sometimes.  I good way to focus the mind is to make a mind-map.  You can do this on a piece of paper, just stick it down, link it together, and see where it takes you. allows you to do this, and also share amongst your co-workers.  It also allows you to put in pics, and links and all that jazz.  It might be a useful tool as you come up with your ideas to change the world, sorry, I mean: a small change to the medical course, implementable by Xmas.