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Spiriva Safe, says the FDA

January 18, 2010

The mainstay of COPD management is bronchodilatation – the local, and national guidelines rely on beta-2 agonists, and anti-cholinergics.  Recent(ish) data from the TORCH study suggested that inhaled corticosteroids increase the risk of fatal and non-fatal pneumonias.  Unopposed long acting beta agonists have been linked with increased cardiovascular death in asthmatics, although not in COPD.  The most recent ‘scare’ has been whether Spiriva increases cardiovascular death in COPD patients.  Today the FDA rule that there is no compelling evidence to that effect.


Smoking + Oxygen Therapy = Singed Beard

January 11, 2010

A small reminder of why we don’t give out long term oxygen to anyone who is still smoking, from

Smoking + Oxygen Therapy ….

Radiation Doses at Airports – Minimal risk

January 7, 2010

Following on from my recent (-ish) grand round presentation on ionising radiation doses, here’s an article from reuters re-assuring us that the new full person X-Ray scanners in airports offer minimal radiation doses, and minimal risks.  They don’t mention and actual dose of radiation, though….

The Book – Available Now!

January 7, 2010

DundeeChest have been working for about 18 months on writing a book!  We see a hole in the market for a CXR book for junior doctors –  a book to explain what the hell to do with a “funny looking” CXR on the ward at 2 in the morning.  So we’ve written it, and it’s now available, on Amazon.

The book is in full colour!  Which seems a bit daft, I know, but the picture quality is so much better in colour!

Go on, have a look, buy the book, fund my kitchen conversion.

Learning Opportunities

December 13, 2009

Hello DundeeChesters.

This week there’s plenty to do in East Block, with so many SpRs floating around you’re bound to get some quality teaching.

Monday AM – Ward Round, Dr Winter’s Clinic, Cancer Clinic with Dr Brown.

Monday PM – EBUS and Bronch list, Dr France’s Clinic, Dr Fardon’s Clinic (Without Dr Fardon)

Tuesday AM – X-Ray Meeting at 08:30, Ward Round. Dr Winter’s Clinic, Dr Smith’s Clinic

Tuesday PM – Sleep Clinic

Wednesday AM – ILD Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Ward Round, Bronch list, with an EBUS on it

Wednesday PM – DundeeApples teaching

Thursday AM – CF Clinic, Ward Round

Thursday Lunch – Medical Grand Round

Thursday PM – Lung Cancer MDT

Friday AM – Cough Clinic, Bronch list with EBUS

Friday Lunch – Respiratory Department Xmas Quiz!

Friday PM – DundeePears teaching

Friday Night – Respiratory Department Xmas Night Out!

I’m on the ward all week, so there’ll be HDU patients to review, referrals to see in far flung areas of the hospital, bits of ad-hoc teaching on whatever comes into my head, you know the sort of thing.

Plus blogging on the site, with any tid-bits I find lying around this interweb, thingy.

Learning Opportunities, Week Beginning 7th December

December 6, 2009

The Respiratory Unit is as busy as ever, particularly in this cold snap.  So plenty of learning opportunities for you all.

Ward 3 – Dr Smith is on the ward, with few junior doctors, so any help you can provide on the ward will be rewarded with quality teaching, I’m sure.  The juniors will hug you for any help you can give them!

Out Patients

Monday AM – Drs Fardon and Winter have general respiratory clinics.

Monday PM – Drs Fardon and France have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday AM – Drs Stretton and Smith have general respiratory clinics.

Tuesday PM – Dr Smith has a Sleep Clinic, and the respiratory nurses have their oxygen clinic

Wednesday AM – Dr Smith has an ILD clinic

Thursday AM – The CF Clinic, and Dr Fardon’s SPN clinic (You’re intrigued, aren’t you?)

Thursday PM – Lung Cancer MDT!

Other Learning Opportunities

Medical Grand Round – Thursday at 1300hrs (Free lunch at 12:30)

Respiratory Educational Meeting – Friday at 1300hrs (Free lunch, sometimes)

X-Ray Meeting – Tuesday 08:30 in te X-Ray seminar room – turn up sharp!

Bronchoscopy Lists

Monday PM – An EBUS with Dr Brown, and a full list of others

Wednesday AM – Dr Fardon’s list, with an EBUS, or two.

Friday AM – And EBUS, probably, and whatever’s left over.

So, we’ll see you bouncing around the department, learning things all over the place, then?

Famous person in Asthma Shock Diagnosis

November 26, 2009

Suddenly it’s now cool to have asthma, or it is acceptable to have asthma, or is it a hidden shame that’s now out in the open.  Why did he keep it a secret?

More importantly, why is he taking a steroid inhaler as a reliever?