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Life In The Fast Lane

January 16, 2010

I spend quite a lot of time looking around the internet to find interesting resources, medical and non-medical.  There’s a lot of it about, with everyone and his dog having a crack at web 2.0, with varying degrees of success.  So it’s always a pleasure to find a good site, with regular updates, and good medicine.  Life In The Fast Lane is such a site, and well worth visiting.  Their radiology quizzes are particularly good, with clinically relevant cases, and good pictures.

I’ll add the link to the list of sites worth visiting – it’s get’s a 5* recommendation from me.


Radiation Doses at Airports – Minimal risk

January 7, 2010

Following on from my recent (-ish) grand round presentation on ionising radiation doses, here’s an article from reuters re-assuring us that the new full person X-Ray scanners in airports offer minimal radiation doses, and minimal risks.  They don’t mention and actual dose of radiation, though….

Universal Serial Bus, Obviously

December 18, 2009

Convergence, what a wonderful thing.  We need glucometers in iPhones, surely?  Or perhaps one of those machines to analyse urine dipsticks on a Nintendo DSi?

I want a Firewire 800 drive with a CT scanner attached to it – like the Star Trek Widdly-wip machine.


Radiation Doses

December 16, 2009

To follow on from the radiation dosage questionnaire data I presented at grand round the other week, here’s something from today’s e-news suggesting how many extra cancers are caused each year due to excessive CT scanning.

As always, there’s a question on the actual equivalence of dose for a CXR, and a CT.  Our data here has a CXR as 0.02 mSv, about 3 days background radiation in the UK.  To give an idea of lethality, Dr Slotin (The original Mr Manhattan) received a dose of 21 Sv, and died 9 days later.  That’s a million CXRs in a single dose.

Still, I think we massively underestimate the impact of ionising radiation on our young (and old) patients.

Bow Tie, Windsor Knot, or No Tie at All?

December 9, 2009

I’ve thought about doing this study for aaaages, but never got round to it.  I once swabbed the touch screens of computers in an A&E department – incredible what grew. A nice little project would be to swab he screens of some iPhones….

Why buy books, when Google does it for you?

December 9, 2009

You can now read the Oxford Mini Handbook of Medicine (The Cheese and Onion) on google books!  So no excuses for not knowing any answers, eh?


Of course, you must buy my book when it comes out in the new year…..

Thursday Lunchtime Meeting

December 3, 2009

Don’t forget the Medicine Educational Meeting happening at 1pm, LT1.  No idea what it’s on, but there’s a free sandwich.