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Forget Medicine for a Bit, I want one of THESE!

January 10, 2010

It’s been 2010 for only 10 days, and now, suddenly, IT’S THE FUTURE!!


DundeeNotChest – Star Wars Facebooking

December 27, 2009

Not very medical, or chest-y, but it’s Christmas.

Star Wars Facebook Updates

Universal Serial Bus, Obviously

December 18, 2009

Convergence, what a wonderful thing.  We need glucometers in iPhones, surely?  Or perhaps one of those machines to analyse urine dipsticks on a Nintendo DSi?

I want a Firewire 800 drive with a CT scanner attached to it – like the Star Trek Widdly-wip machine.


The future of education, or do you fancy a free iPhone…

December 10, 2009

Give away 1000 free iPhones, ask the students to use them for learning, and then be shocked when the feedback is awesome!

Seriously, I think the iPhone/iPod Touch platform is the way forward for medical education and support – it’s such a versatile little thing, powerful, and now almost ubiquitous.  You can even get free tickets to the cinema with an Orange iPhone now.

Engaging Adolescents

December 9, 2009

I was asked to give a lecture to the Royal College of GPs on Tuesday – they asked for a talk on management of asthma in adolescents.  Something I am hardly an expert in, but as is always the case, preparing these talks became a great learning experience for me!  There isn’t currently an adolescent asthma clinic in NW, but we are looking at starting a transition clinic.  We currently do a transition clinic for the CF kids – I really enjoy those clinics, getting to know the kids, few management decisions to make, just getting their trust, and getting to know them.One way I use it to give out my XBox Live username – I’m just a big kid really, and I still unwind over a game or two of an evening – so the kids can befriend me over XBL.  I’ve played  couple of games of Halo with a couple of them, and I’ve had messages from them about their symptoms!

Engaging adolescent patients is the same as engaging anyone – you just need to find the right interface.

Bow Tie, Windsor Knot, or No Tie at All?

December 9, 2009

I’ve thought about doing this study for aaaages, but never got round to it.  I once swabbed the touch screens of computers in an A&E department – incredible what grew. A nice little project would be to swab he screens of some iPhones….


December 4, 2009

Just done an EBUS upstairs in Bronchoscopy.  All very successful.  And a student to watch!

Turning up for practical procedures such as bronch lists, and to clinics really gives the most interesting teaching opportunities for you undergraduates.  Real medicine happening, real time, with the real time issues, the real time problems, and god time for one to one teaching.  Prickly Pear is still up there – 4 bronchs, 1 student, 2 consultants, and an StR to teach her.  Lucky girl.

I’m off to do the CF ward round, by myself, obviously!