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Thank you, goodbye, and move along….

February 1, 2010

DundeeChest is dead.  Long live DundeeChest.  As the saying goes, sort of.

Since September 2009 we’ve had 140 posts, 286 comments, and just shy of 13,000 visitors to DundeeChest.  I’m chuffed.  We have further ambitions here at DundeeChest, and we want to see how far we can get.  One difficulty is hosting at  Starting here was great – free, and everything available to get cracking – but it’s limiting.  To introduce more functionality means hosting the site somewhere else.

I tried on mobileME.  As much as I love the Apple, iWeb is good at doing what it does, but not at what I want to do.  Too limiting, so DundeeChest 2.0 was born, and died soon after.  But moving to separate hosting, continuing to use the WordPress tools has lead to DundeeChest 3.0.  I can now nest blogs, run cases of the week, embed podcasts, and keep better control of what’s going on on the site.

So DundeeChest is dead – I won’t be posting here any more.  Redirect your bookmarks to, and your RSS feeder to feed:// and continue the journey with us.