Learning Opportunities

Hello DundeeChesters.

This week there’s plenty to do in East Block, with so many SpRs floating around you’re bound to get some quality teaching.

Monday AM – Ward Round, Dr Winter’s Clinic, Cancer Clinic with Dr Brown.

Monday PM – EBUS and Bronch list, Dr France’s Clinic, Dr Fardon’s Clinic (Without Dr Fardon)

Tuesday AM – X-Ray Meeting at 08:30, Ward Round. Dr Winter’s Clinic, Dr Smith’s Clinic

Tuesday PM – Sleep Clinic

Wednesday AM – ILD Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Ward Round, Bronch list, with an EBUS on it

Wednesday PM – DundeeApples teaching

Thursday AM – CF Clinic, Ward Round

Thursday Lunch – Medical Grand Round

Thursday PM – Lung Cancer MDT

Friday AM – Cough Clinic, Bronch list with EBUS

Friday Lunch – Respiratory Department Xmas Quiz!

Friday PM – DundeePears teaching

Friday Night – Respiratory Department Xmas Night Out!

I’m on the ward all week, so there’ll be HDU patients to review, referrals to see in far flung areas of the hospital, bits of ad-hoc teaching on whatever comes into my head, you know the sort of thing.

Plus blogging on the site, with any tid-bits I find lying around this interweb, thingy.

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3 Comments on “Learning Opportunities”

  1. David Smith Says:


    I was just wondering if there are any clinics or other interesting learning oportunities this week? Myself and another student are studying respiratory at the moment and would like to spend some time doing something more clinically based!

  2. dundeechest Says:

    Hi David,

    I’m off sick this week, in fact I’m off sick all this month, needing an operation on the 12th! So I can’t tell you exactly what’s happening this week, but if you look at the weekly program (https://dundeechest.wordpress.com/phase-2-block-2009/respiratory-weekly-programme/) you can see what generally goes on in East Block on a weekly basis. You can ignore my clinics, obviously, as I’m not there….

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