The future of education, or do you fancy a free iPhone…

Give away 1000 free iPhones, ask the students to use them for learning, and then be shocked when the feedback is awesome!

Seriously, I think the iPhone/iPod Touch platform is the way forward for medical education and support – it’s such a versatile little thing, powerful, and now almost ubiquitous.  You can even get free tickets to the cinema with an Orange iPhone now.

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7 Comments on “The future of education, or do you fancy a free iPhone…”

  1. Dundee e-MedEd Says:

    I saw this last night and posted a comment under my elime blog identity. Couldn’t believe some of the ultra negative comments from some people.
    Someone from the Learning Centre spoke to me this morning about someone in Applied Computing interested in mobile learning, I’m going to follow up and will let you know if there any developments.

    • dundeechest Says:


    • dundeechest Says:

      I was thinking – perhaps we could fund some iPod Touches with some FaME winnings, if we’re lucky enough to win some?

      • Joel Schneider Says:

        That would be cool – fun ‘trialling’ it, blogging as we sit waiting in hope that the lecturer will turn up…! (Or we could email the MSO in real time!) Sad, I know. Oh, I’ve also stumbled across some anatomy apps recently – basically a cadaver on your ipod. (Not as good as the real thing for learning, but you know, can’t carry one around without the funny smell.) But then technology’s often a poor substitute for the real thing, whatever you’re trying to learn.

        • dundeechest Says:

          I have a very nice iCadaver, I think I paid a wee bit for it, mind you.

          I use my iPod Touch all the time, particularly as there are so many UoD WiFi spots in NW now.

        • Dundee e-MedEd Says:

          We’re hoping to put together some anatomy related vodcasts with DundeeBones for the MSK block next semester which will be good for the iPod Touch.
          Funding some Touches would be good. They’ll be even better if the next release of the Touch includes the video camera and voice recording which the iPhone has.

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