Real life, real time Medicine!

Its true. Whilst we are in lectures or taking advantage of a late morning start, real life, real time medicine is happening all around us. I finally ventured to East Block yesterday morning to sit in on Dr Fardon’s clinic. What did I see…

1 lung cancer and empyema
1 probably lung cancer
1 ?PTX which turned out to be pneumonia
1 ? lung cancer which turned out to be pneumonia
2 cases of chronic cough
1 case of sarcoid

So a mixed bag, and all really interesting.  Breaking bad news and a look at tree in bud CT appearances. There are definitely some things that even Kumar and Clarke cant teach us.

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One Comment on “Real life, real time Medicine!”

  1. dundeechest Says:

    The clinic was groovy. CT scans brought through customs from Australia, big empyemas, a chronic cough we actually cured, and plenty of time to teach the young Laura.

    I’m on the ward for 2 weeks, so no clinics for a wee bit…

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