Bow Tie, Windsor Knot, or No Tie at All?

I’ve thought about doing this study for aaaages, but never got round to it.  I once swabbed the touch screens of computers in an A&E department – incredible what grew. A nice little project would be to swab he screens of some iPhones….

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2 Comments on “Bow Tie, Windsor Knot, or No Tie at All?”

  1. Joel Schneider Says:

    Admittedly I’ve thought something similar would be interesting (swabbing hands or fomites and see what grows), but is an analogy with skin colonisation and infection appropriate here?

    Some organisms are commensals and others aren’t. (OCD MRSA screening anyone?) By no means am I denying the problems of HAIs, but surely it’s impossible to maintain complete sterility in the hospital? Targeting pathogens is good, media hype is bad. (Unless you dunk everyone in formalin….) Although I’d still find it an interesting project to do…

  2. dundeechest Says:

    Yes, there’s commensals, but you’d be amazed what kind of bugs you can grow off ties – enterobacter, e-coli, pseudomonas, salmonella…

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