Another Day, Another Clinic

Another interesting clinic this morning:

1 lung cancer

2 chronic bronchial sepsises

1 obese person who’s breathless

1 undiagnosed asthma

1 end stage COPD without cor-pulmonale, but a lovely ECG of 1st degree heart block, and p-pulmonale.

No students in attendance, of course.  I have another clinic this afternoon – at least one more cancer on it, and a fair bit of bronchiectasis, I think.

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4 Comments on “Another Day, Another Clinic”

  1. David Smith Says:

    That sounds very interesting, i had no idea we we’re able to come along to these clinics?

    • dundeechest Says:

      Of course you can come to clinics. You can go to any clinic – just pitch up and ask if it’s OK to sit in. Clinics are where you’ll actually see pathology, and get to see what doctors actually do. And there’s time for teaching in most sessions.


  2. Niall Woodley Says:

    When do the respiratory clinics run, and where?!

    • Joel Schneider Says:

      See the DundeeChest weekly programme page, but basically they start at 8:30am and 1:30pm, in the East Block. (Go to level 5, head towards ward 42/ID, down the stairs, round the corner. There’s a route from the outside world, but I don’t know it…)

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