Week 2

Hello everyone.  I hope you had a terrific weekend, and, of course, enjoyed the formative assessment.  Results at the 11 and 12 o’clock core clinical problems lectures.

The experimentation and tinkering continue this week with the ITA sessions.  We think that pulmonary function, COPD and asthma are best taught with a mixture of , on line material, hands on demonstrations, and face to face small group teaching.  As such, we’re asking you all to do three differing types of session within the session: old skool poster boards; a new online module developed by a 4th year medical student; and a hands on session with the spirometers, and inhaler devices.

We will do feedback at the end of the session with the “Who wants to be a millionaire, ask the audience” handsets and see how you all felt about it all.

Work in progress.  Isn’t is all?

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One Comment on “Week 2”

  1. dundeechest Says:

    Right so that didn’t go quite as well as it should have done. it appears that there’s just far too much to do in the one session, and we’re tinkering around too much.

    The immediate feedback (Thank-you to the group this morning) was that for this topic you like the posterboards, but you want your own time to go through the posters, with a facilitator present throughout the session to help when needed.

    *Then* you want to be taken around the posters to make sure that your answers are correct.

    Separate to that we have a computer program to run through that takes you step by step through COPD physiology. This can be done *at any time throughout the block*. Got to Blackboard for directions on how to access it.

    We can try that tomorrow. I hope that we can get things right by the end of the week!

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